A little time for me… wow!

In a few days I fly out for Miami Beach to visit my sister as the arrival of her first born becomes imminent. By myself. Without My Hero/My Husband or the little munchkins for 6 days.

The anticipation of the trip makes me giddy for so many reasons.

Don’t get me wrong, I will miss my family immensely. Traveling away from them is always very difficult. Whenever my kids are out of sight, I worry about their safety, their happiness, their independence within this world, their confidence in my love for them… you know, the usual.

But the idea of being me, JUST ME, for 6 days is a heady thought.

Absolutely, my main focus of the trip is to be with my sister in the days preceding, following, and hopefully *fingers crossed* during the birth of her child. I will be completely at her disposal to help with housework, plan, organize, talk, advise (only if asked), cook, bring her glasses of water, and help with the baby so she and the baby’s daddy can get intermittent moments of relief. She has been waiting for this child so much longer than the 9 months she has carried him, that I am making it my personal goal to at least make the time that I am there as comfortable and relaxing and prepared as possible.


There will be times when she needs to be alone with her man and/or their new little one. That’s why I will staying in a hotel two blocks away…plenty close enough to come running should the birthing start or she needs help in figuring out the baby’s first outfit or she is near to delirium from a sleepless night and needs just a hour to catch a little shut-eye. Those hours when I am not her personal assistant will be mine, ALL MINE! (cue theatrical evil laugh).

I can wake up early (like I usually do) and take my notebook down to the restaurant patio for coffee, oj, fruit and pastries. I can spend those earliest hours writing in the Florida sunshine with the sound of the ocean floating on the breeze from less than a block away. No interruptions to get cereal or find a specific toy horse that my daughter hasn’t played with for two months or answer the call from the bathroom when my son finishes up his morning business and needs help with making sure his cute bottom is fresh and clean.

At night, I can watch cable TV (something we have not had at home for years and years) in bed, maybe find some wonderfully dramatic period romance movies to watch, or I can catch up on all the latest celebrity gossip or reality shows that MH/MH absolutely abhors.

No worries about switching from my free-flowing, inspiration filled writer’s mind to the task oriented professional track I must run Monday through Friday, 8-4 and the task-oriented family track I run from 4-8 every evening and 90% of the weekends. Amazing!!

Aside from the time that I will be devoted to my sister and her precious cargo, my decisions will only need to take into account my own preferences. My own needs and wishes. Fricking Unbelieveable!!

Now that’s a vacation.

3 thoughts on “A little time for me… wow!

  1. Beccavan says:


  2. angelique says:

    WOOHOO! sounds like heaven 🙂 glad I could be an excuse for your retreat

  3. December says:

    This sounds just lovely!!

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