*GIVEAWAY!* A New Anniversary Tradition

This past weekend, my DH and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. Though married only a year, we have been together for more than 12. We have the house and three kids, the dog and the perspective of a couple that has already made it through times difficult enough to test our devotion to each other and we came out stronger on the other side.

Now, I could not say that we are a traditional sort of couple. (I did not wear white at my wedding *gasp*). But I do like incorporating certain traditions into my life. So when I found a list of the traditional wedding anniversary gifts listed by year I had to call my husband to clue him in to the fact that the traditional gift for the first anniversary is paper.

“So you want a ream of paper?”

No, dear. Paper just needs to somehow be an element of the gift. You need to get more creative than that.

“How about a card? It’s paper.”


So the day of our anniversary arrived and my DH came to me and asked if we were going to exchange gifts that day.

Uh. Duh.

Well, he hadn’t gone shopping yet. And… neither had I.

And this is a good example of how we tend to handle gift-giving between us. Last minute, “hey, whadya want?”, hand off in the shopping bag. Not for this, I declared. For our anniversary, if nothing else, we were going to set a tradition of putting some actual thought and effort into our gifts for each other. Why not use the list of traditional anniversary gifts as a guide, then find a way to make it meaningful? Some years one of us might come up with an elaborate gift while the other one settles for something functional. But over time, the hope is that it would even out. We even jokingly decided to award a token prize to the one who manages to pull off the best gift that year.

He went shopping first, and when he got home, I could tell by the self-satisfied smirk on his lips that he had done a good job. This made me a little nervous. I already had a plan on what I was going to get him; a large portfolio for his artwork and varying sizes of black paper (he has gotten into drawing white on black lately). Typically, my gift would easily have won out, but my DH finally outdid himself and me!

First of all, he had wrapped my gift in white paper and on the paper he drew a picture of our wedding rings. Encircling the wrapping was a swath of blue ribbon (the color of my wedding dress) made of silk.

Silk, he explained, was the traditional gift for 12 years.


Okay, I was willing to concede right at that moment. I didn’t even feel a need to open the gift when the wrapping itself was so thoughtful and romantic. He won.

But he did make me open the gift and … it was a Kindle Fire HD!

Now, I have been resisting getting an e-reader for a long time. I am one of those purists, I guess, who loves having a physical book in my hands. It is definitely something that I would never buy for myself, even though I had been imagining what it would be like to have hundreds of books at my fingertips.

And he knew that.

So, my DH won The Beet (the anniversary gift trophy) this year. Hands down!

Hmmm… the 2 year gift is cotton. That could be a tough one. I had better start thinking…

*** What are some of your romantic traditions?  

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