sunshine and expectations

It’s amazing how quickly the summers pass in Wisconsin. They start with such great expectation for the long days of sunshine when finally there will be time to get all of those projects completed. This year the garden will be grand and lush. This year we will eat every evening meal al fresco. This year, on the weekends, I will sit beneath the apple tree with my lap top and I will write and write and write while fat little bumble bees buzz around my head and the children play happily in the blow-up kiddie pool.

Ha! Never happened.

Instead, life did. The projects at home took a back seat to weekends running here and there to see family or friends, or helping with rummage sales, or other events. The garden is certainly lush, but overrun with weeds and badly in need of some harvesting. The sunshine has been great this year, but mostly enjoyed through the window while catching up on laundry or making dinner. The kids did get to spend some significant time in the pool (lucky little ducks!), but sadly, I was not lounging in a chair beside them, clicking away on a keyboard.

And now, unbelievably, we are more than half way through August! How did that happen? I was supposed to finish my WIP, revisions and all. I was supposed to have lovely new bookshelves built in my home office to properly display my favorite romance novels. I was supposed to spend the season soaking up the rays and feeling luxuriously lazy.

Instead, I find myself looking forward to the start of school, which I hope will bring an end to those whining voices declaring “I don’t know what to do. I’m bored!” I am excited for that first sniff of autumn crispness in the air when darkness comes earlier and earlier and curling up on the couch under a blanket becomes a nightly occurrence. Then I will finish knitting that baby blanket for my sister’s first child. Then I will sink into those dark silent mornings to write before anyone awakes. Then I will slow down and stop rushing and start claiming every opportunity to be in the moment.

Hmmm… This may be the only time I am actually grateful that we have such a long season of hibernation.

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