A Brief Overview of My Growth as a Writer Through Manuscripts: Part 3

Now where was I…?

Oh yes, my fourth manuscript. A story that had been waltzing in and out of my creative awareness for years. The plot often changed, the hero never looked the same, but the heroine was constant. Stubborn and strong, she was a dark-haired woman with innate sensuality who refused to follow the rules. After years of being asked to step aside and make way for other bright stars, Anna was finally demanding that her story be told.

In the midst of writing Anna’s story, I joined RWA and a whole new world was revealed. Here was a place where writers enthusiastically discussed their craft, shared their experiences, and encouraged each other’s successes! Unbelievable.

From this amazing resource, I have been discovering how to recognize the subtle flaws and foibles that can hide in my writing while I am busy focusing on loftier things like Point of View and Setting and Effective Characterization. Along the way, I have been learning about my own determination and I have been realizing just how far I am willing to go for this dream of mine. And I have been intentionally reinforcing something that I had always hoped to be true: that I AM A WRITER.

It doesn’t matter how many times I get rejected. It doesn’t matter how much more I have yet to learn about craft and business… If I have to drag myself out of bed at 4:30 am every morning to find time to write, dammit, I will. If I have to write ten more m.s. or ten thousand, I will. (Though really, I hope it doesn’t take that many!)

The fear, the frustration, the hope and the friendships earned along the way all mean the same thing. This is what I do. I write.

It is who I am.

One thought on “A Brief Overview of My Growth as a Writer Through Manuscripts: Part 3

  1. angelique says:

    woohoo! makes me want to stand up and cheer –

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