Taylor’s Book Review – Warriors Series

Last year my daughter, Taylor (now 8 yrs old), began reading the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Since that very first book, she has been a zealous and dedicated fan. She in now in the Power of Three series, which means she has read approximately 18 books, including a couple Mangas and a field guide. She has also introduced several other readers to the series, myself included, and has been a primary instigator in recreating the cat warrior’s world with several schoolmates during recess.

This review is based on her readings within the series to date. The questions are mine. The answers (and spelling) are all Taylor!

What book are you currently reading?

Power of Three, Book 3: Outcast

At this point in reading this multi-series collection, which character is your ultimate favorite?



Because Bluestar is kind and gentle and she was very gentle to Firestar when she was alive. (I really miss her.)

Is there a cat that you identify with more than others? (Which cat are you most like?)



Because Fireheart is compassionate and cares about other cats. If one gets hurt he makes shure they are okey even if they snap back at him just like me.

You have been known to act out the Warriors story lines. What is it about these stories that make it so fun to recreate?

Well, it is hard to explain, but making my own storie just sounds interesting.

Why do you think Warriors is so popular with kids and adults?

Well, other people might have other opinions but I like Warriors spicificly because I like that [it] has action and it is so detailed of what is happening.

If there was anything you could change about this series, what would it be?

Well for one thing I hate waiting till the next chapter to find out what happens so I would change that a little.

Please finish by telling us your Warrior name and clan.

I am Rockhead of RiverClan.

Thank you, Taylor!

Visit the Warriors website here:


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