What a Summer…

Once again, I have let way too much time pass since my last post. *blushing with shame* Bad Blogger!

Summer has been a wonderfully busy time. With camping trips, family reunions, and lots of sun and fun in the backyard. My sister, who has lived across the country for seven years or so (and before that, across the state), spent the last several months less than a block away. We took advantage of living so close to each other and established a routine of yoga and brunch every Sunday. It was great to spend that time with her since she has now moved on…back to the beaches of Florida.

In the midst of all the continuous summer fun, I have been diligently working on my next series of books about a trio of sisters who find themselves thrust into the London’s underworld in three very different ways. I am very excited about this series and am just finishing up my last revisions on book 1, which leaves me with a bit of time to notice how neglectful I have been on my blog.

My reprieve will not last long, however, as I will be diving into book 2 within the next couple weeks. Though first, a family vacation to southern California. We leave in just a couple days and I have got all three kids and myself mostly packed up. Just a bit more laundry to do and some last minute details that have to be tucked into the luggage. I’ve got my DO NOT FORGET list which includes my computer since for me…it will be a working vacation, though writing never really feels like work.  😉

Uh oh! Here comes my baby girl, climbing up onto my chair, reminding me its time to make some breakfast. So for now, signing off again, though I have the best intentions not be away for quite as long this time. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer!


(For cuteness’s sake, I decided to close this post with some summer pics of my youngest)



in a little sunsuit I used to wear (yes, my mom saved everything!)


the cuteness is too much!


in the treehouse, playing with her carebears 🙂

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