Just some pics of my office…

Feeling a little lazy these days… but I knew I had to get a new post up soon so I figured I could just share a few pics of my writing office. (Yes, it’s a total mess, but it seems to like it that way.)

It is a tiny little room off the dining room that I painted in two shades of blue (my obsessively favorite color). It has a lovely door that does not lock from the inside, but does manage to muffle much of the family noise on Saturday mornings.


Can you see the wrapping paper and blue silk ribbon from my anniversary gift last year(See blog post A New Anniversary Tradition?

Can you tell who are in the pictures I have tacked to my wall board as visual inspiration for Rutherford and Eliza (REBEL MARQUESS)?



Some of my favorite research books.

056Need a good map if you wanna know where to go.

One thing these pictures don’t show is the bookshelves on the wall to the right of my desk. My brooding hero finally got around to putting up a two shelves, perfectly sized for paperbacks, across the upper expanse of the wall.  At this point, the plan is to continue the shelves down to the floor so they cover the entire wall around the closet door. Unfortunately, this little project is not exactly a priority when there is school, work, writing, parenting and so many other important, time-consuming things going on.

But someday it will be finished and I promise to post a pic once it is!

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