They’ve Arrived!

My Advance copies of Rogue Countess are finally here!





It is difficult to describe the feeling of holding your very first novel in your hands. In fact, I was planning on doing just that in this post, but I find myself still struggling to really explain what that moment felt like as I looked into that box and saw my novel, mine, with my name on it, staring up at me in all its rich vibrant color and heady sensuality.

Perhaps I am still processing the experience. And with the official release date still a few weeks away (June 4th, mark your calendars!), I expect more excitement ahead.

And I can’t forget… Reckless Viscount also releases in ebook from Samhain Publishing on June 4th. So much to look forward to!

Coming soon, I will be posting a deleted scene from Rogue Countess which was actually the first introduction of Leif Riley, the unlikely hero of Reckless Viscount!

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