Something New

I write Historical Romance. It is the sub-genre I most love to read and when inspiration strikes, it almost always leads me back in time. However, that is not to say that sometimes my imagination doesn’t take a little detour through more contemporary time zones. In my mass array of story ideas, I have a few snippets of scenes or characterizations that are firmly rooted in the present. One of these, I have recently encountered an opportunity to explore.

My local group of WisRWA members meets monthly to talk about writerly stuff. At a meeting a couple months ago, an idea sparked amongst our group to create an anthology. The plan is for each of us to write a short story in our own preferred romance sub-genre and put them all together in a collection. The stories would all have a common thread linking them together, but otherwise would be independent of each other.

What a perfect setting for me to try my hand at a contemporary story! Well, to be entirely truthful, my story is slightly historical. I have set it in the mid-90s when grunge bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam ruled the airways and flannel filled the dance clubs.

I was a little tentative at first to start. Writing contemporary romance is definitely outside of my comfort zone, but that is exactly why I wanted to try it. It is time to stretch my writing muscles and expand my imagination a bit. And I must say that though I have just started on this little side project, it has been extremely satisfying… and nostalgic. How fun to delve into my own memories of that time and bring them to life. The gritty music, the bohemian attitude, the underground energy of Generation X. Love it!

And in case anyone is wondering… I also continue to work on my novel length WIP, a follow up to Rogue Countess (July 2012) and Reckless Viscount (coming soon).

Happy Writing!

One thought on “Something New

  1. Shammara says:

    Ooh – this is exciting. A very nostalgic time for many of us!

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