Writing Resolutions

The holidays are always a hectic time. The planning and shopping and decorating and baking and keeping the kids from losing their minds as each day passes and Christmas comes closer and closer… !

How on earth can a person be expected to stick to a writing routine?

I try.  And usually fail miserably sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Writing falls by the wayside so focus can be routed to the necessary holiday preparations. It’s a fact I accept and is likely the reason that I think Writing Resolutions are so important.

The area RWA writers group that I participate in recently had our annual holiday lunch. We exchanged small gifts, went over our goals from last year, and made new goals of what we expect to accomplish starting in the new year.  It is nice to look back and see if we stayed on task throughout the previous year and actually did those things we intended to do. Did we enter those contests? Complete the WIP? Start a new one? Submit to Agent A or Editor Z?

If not, why? Did our paths go in an unexpected direction?  Were there unavoidable distractions or interferences that prevented us from accomplishing the goals we set for ourselves?  Can these pitfalls be avoided in future?

I love this process of looking back to acknowledge how far I’ve come and then looking forward to set a plan for future accomplishments. Even when I can see the areas where I fell short, I try to learn from it.  Each step has something to teach us, every failure and success moves us forward. That’s all I can ask for… to keep moving forward, keep learning along the way, keep setting goals and striving to reach them.

Motivation counts for a lot in this process of improving my craft and seeking publication. There is no stopping if I want to be successful. So, I set my goals and keep writing.

I think 2012 is going to be a fantastic year!

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