the Feel of Fall

I am not sure what it is about the fall that is more inspiring to me than any other season of the year.
Perhaps it is the sense of preparation, an exhalation, before diving deep into the hibernation of winter. Maybe it is the poignant clarity of the bright blue skies, vivid turning leaves, and lush green lawns, trimmed short and raked clean. Or the crisp bite in the air, or the smell of earthy things laying themselves to rest.
Whatever the cause, I always feel more alive at this time of year. The stirring need to create becomes more insistent. The desire to somehow be aligned with the changing, re-identifying world around me shapes my motivations. There is an urging to shake loose from the stagnant rut of summer and be wild, even if only for a short time. Maybe more so because the approach of winter is inevitable. The cold white chill will come. The long nights, the grey skies, and the quiet will come.
But for now, everything is color and life and I love it!

2 thoughts on “the Feel of Fall

  1. December says:

    I love fall too. I think its the clothes. Sweaters and boots and jeans, but not the bulky parkas or mufflers.

  2. angelique says:

    ohhhh… i can feel fall in your post, smell it, breathe it. almost makes me miss the midwest – i said ALMOST. 🙂

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