A Room of My Own … and a new computer, too!

It is early evening on a week night. The kids are in the bathtub (for the moment, playing nicely), My Husband/My Hero is working on a project in the basement, and I have decided to claim a few moments for myself to get to know my new computer.

It was long past time for me to upgrade. So far past, actually that my prior computer had ceased to connect to the internet months ago. Of course, the poor girl was nearly six years old and wasn’t as spry as she used to be. I had been making do with MH/MH’s little notebook that he picked up for school. Did the trick, but I missed my own unit. My own personal screen with my favorites and my settings and my desktop background image. Not to mention… I missed having a spot designated for my writing. The notebook was almost too convenient for me. Writing in front of the TV? Not likely.

As I write this, I am finally back at my desk in my little office. And it’s heavenly! I can still hear the kids singing and splashing in the excellent bathroom acoustics, my wooden chair sorta hurts my butt and the desktop is far to high to be ergonomic. But I can glance upward at the wall in front of me and I see photos of my children as babies, fingerpaint artwork they created for me, a print of a handsome prince I picked up at a Renaissance Festival when I was in college, a clay mask I bought in San Antonio when I was sixteen, and other bits and pieces of experiences that make up who I am. And over there in the corner next to the closet is a bookshelf filled with all of my favorite Romance novels… the ones I read over and over. The stories that still inspire me.

It’s great to be back in my writing room, with my own computer dedicated to my needs, available whenever I need to work.

This is my room. A Room of My Own. My place to be creative. My space to Write.

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